Paula Thiel

Welcome to

the most relaxing day EVER.

The Flower Walk

The Flower Walk is a very peaceful mini retreat experience that was born out of a need for rest.  It is my deep belief and conviction that rest is what produces success in whatever area of our lives that we desire to see change or improve.  Come walk with me.

The Details

Ok here is everything you need to know…..

WHEN….. you have three dates and times to choose from in August.  See your options above and follow checkout instructions after you pick your date.

WHERE….. meet at the lake. 402 Three Lakes Rd Ottertail, MN… Indoor option is available here if weather is unfortunate.  

WHAT…. walk .5 miles with me to the flower farm. Cut and make a bouquet together then walk back to the lake. After that you will hear a short story from Paula then sit in quiet peace for as long as you want.  Last, go home feeling connected, relaxed and loved.  

Important*** You need to bring a SCISSORS and a VASE or jar.  I will remind you in your e-mail after you sign up.  

COST…. $57/ person includes flowers and event.

Even more details if you want them......

What are my time options?

Scroll to the top (or bottom) of this page and look at the three yellow buttons that say time and date options.  From there, choose which time works best for you and click on that time to complete checkout.  YOU CANNOT change your time after you checkout so choose first then checkout.  

How long will I be there?

I expect this to be a 2.5 hour event. 

Can I bring a friend? Yes. She would love to come and I would love to meet her. Both of you will need to check out separately though.

Is this a silent retreat? No.  I like to talk as much as you do.  It is important to me that you have time to sit quietly at the end after you get back from the flowers and I’ve shared my story.  WHY? because in our daily lives, as we rush from thing to thing, we can lose touch with how badly we need quiet. It’s simple but I want to intentionally give that to you briefly at the end so you can hear your own heart and also just experiencing relaxation.  

See you there! Love, Paula


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