Peace and prosperity are for you......

yes, you!

To the girl who just wants peace but prosperity would be great Too,

Let me show you how to experience deep heart peace and a strong understanding of who you are so that prosperity can be released into your life and you can walk in peace every. single. day.

I want you to know beyond any doubt that peace and prosperity are available and promised to you. I see the evidence of this truth in my life and I can see it in yours.  It’s available to you.  Let’s access it now. Love, Paula 

What's included?

in ONE 1.5 hour video (set in my living room) you will learn….

Anything else?

That’s 3 videos and a workbook……

so that you can KNOW that peace and prosperity are yours today!

one hour session

$ 240 one-time payment
  • instant access to videos
  • beautiful PDF workbook
  • TWO BONUS short lessons
  • a deeper look at your vision so you can prosper

this class was created for you if you want to


Experience what true peace feels like

Walk with me as I demonstrate step by step how to experience deep heart peace TODAY.  I will show you exactly how to step into that so you can feel peace by the end of this session.  


see your prosperous future clearly

I know you want peace, but wouldn’t prosperity be great too? They are tied together which means that as you experience inward peace, prosperity flows out of you and transforms your life into that financially prosperous reality. 


walk away knowing exactly how to sustain peace daily

I will show you the skill of entering into peace so that you can stand in peace anytime you want, no matter what is happening or what you are dealing with.

As seen in

Paula is 100% genuine. Every time I talk to her, I feel so inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions

This class was recorded live from my living room with 12 other women who felt peace come over them as we walked through the exercises I use to access peace.  You decide if you will believe for peace today or not.  

Yes, I will. I have walked with women through all kinds of situations and I am confident this works for ANYONE who is willing to do it. 

You have a distinct responsibility in that you must make a decision to participate in the exercises and trust the process of practicing daily peace.

From that place you will watch as your life transforms DEEPLY.  

I have VERY limited one on one sessions which is reflected in the price.  SO I decided to take what I have been walking out in the one on one sessions into a group and class format so anyone can easily afford to learn this life skill and feel that peace you deeply desire.  


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