Paula Thiel


Some free stuff I just wanna bless you with.

Start a boutique with (almost) no money.

Learn how to start a boutique with (almost) no money from someone who started a boutique with (almost) no money. This is a totally free experience that I wanna bless you with!

Sell ALL the Things but without Social Media.

A free class for the boutique owner who tried social selling and didn’t love it. Like it was ok…. but you’re still not quite selling as much as you’d like. And you’re tired. I get you. I’ve been there and I want to show you the five things you can do to quickly see increase this season.

ALL the FREE things you need to know

Learn 5 unpopular things I did to become a successful boutique owner in a town of 500 people. And other awesome info you can use to grow your own boutique while fully being yourself. C’mon girl!!