Paula Thiel


I'm Paula and this is my story.

The Dream

We all carry a wealth of hope and possibility on the inside of us.  It always calls, urging us ever into the unknown.

Even if we refuse to follow, this unexplainable force still pulls.  What happens when we listen to that voice and agree with the dream? I followed…….

The Original Dream

I launched my dream business at 25 years old in a town of 500 people.  I started making jewelry and hosting fun, wild events, watching in shock as my social accounts exploded. 

Red Brick Boutique quickly grew into a thriving store and I started to feel like “this is the life I’ve always wanted.”

In those 10 years, nothing hit quite as hard as this....

People would come up to me everywhere…. in my store, after shows, outside the post office, in my inbox and tell me through tears how they always wanted their own business but they never opened.  I heard all variations of that story. 

It bothered me.  A lot.

And it made me want to tell you and every person ever……

Follow through on what you want in your life, even when it feels really hard.

I felt (and ignored) the pull to sell my store and start coaching....

I could hear the voice calling me into the unknown but I resisted, reasoning with myself…..

At 30 years old, I had a thriving store on the brink of a second location. Plus the glamorous lifestyle of traveling all over buying and selling. My fashion shows were completely sold out and my competitors were sitting in the audience. All in a town of 500 people.

The other stores wanted sponsorships and help with their advertising from me. It was awesome.  WHY would I walk away from all that?   


But then....The Unexpected Final Moment

The last day of my boutique owning days came when I was running from my burning home at 11:49pm with only my one year old in my arms. 

One month later my dad died suddenly.

Those two events pushed me to be honest about what I wanted. I decided I had to know what would happen if I followed the voice.  So I gladly sold my store to an amazing human and committed to a two day work week learning how to coach. 

Began Again, but Fearlessly.

I tried all the coaching things, but something didn’t feel quite right. Somewhere in between ad writing, high profile consulting and living room coaching I lost myself.  And in my frustration of “this isn’t working” I just kind of let it all go.   

That decision led me into two full years of grieving my losses and re-building my life down the very foundation of what I believed. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but of course letting go of my life was exactly what would give birth to the person I am today.  And it would teach me the practices I use now to lead others into the prosperous, peaceful life. 

You ready to go into the unknown?  Follow me.

what I believe in



You are everything you will ever be. You’re not missing something.  I want to be there WHEN you realize that you are already all of the things you are trying to become. THEN you will effortlessly watch as your life transforms into the dream you are moving toward.

That’s why I do what I do.  



I have finally found the courage to say “This is what I do. This is who I am. This is how I can help you.” It’s scary because I knew it would leave me open to criticism and failure. But I keep showing up because owning my surprising big-ness matters so darn much. And it’s my hope to be there for you as you find your own big-ness.


our creator

I believe in a creator who loves us. He doesn’t demand to be known or understood. Yet He walks with us. Through our darkness He soberly remains steady and nearby. In our joy He laughs with us. Even as we wonder “God where are you?” He stands close, ready to be seen. That’s the creator I know and love as my closest friend.

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