I wanna work with you.

yes, you!

To EVERY Boutique Owner ever,

You’re working way more hours than you need to be. You’re tired and I’m so sorry, cause for all the work you do, more sales should be coming in. You opened your boutique cause you wanted freedom with your time and money. And you wanted the lifestyle of walking out the dream. But now after you made the leap, the struggle got super real and you are in one of these two scenarios.

I’ve sailed on both of those seas and they are equally not fun, but equally fixable.

Listen…. The more people I help the more I realize...

1.No one needs these HUGE changes.

It’s more like…..
Holy heaven with just a tweak here and a tweak there this boutique would absolutely light up with customers, cash would start to flow and the freedom would show up like NEVER before.   

It’s amazing to me what happens when an outside perspective comes at the problem.  “Oh my gosh, I didn’t think of that!!” moments happen constantly and it brings me and my clients total joy when the solutions become crystal clear, hope comes back and suddenly the path you want to walk is totally illuminated.

2.Honestly, you are doing great but you’re too close to your business.

Your store is your daily life and it’s got you blind to the things that I can easily see.  But still, you’re for sure doing better than you think!

3.Let’s quickly map out EXACTLY what you need to do.

If there’s one thing I can do all day long it’s this…  
I will map out where you need to go and exactly how you are gonna get there so that you can finally create the success you wanna see in your boutique.

Let me see what you can't.

Let me speak into your beautiful future out of my experience as somebody who has been there a thousand times.

Also, side note…. I wanna help you remember why you started your business in the first place.  Cause that, my friend, is what will set you free to enjoy your life and your work again!

Book a session right the heck now before you convince yourself not to.


Perfectly Customized One on One Coaching

Exactly what YOU need and nothing you don’t.

Meet your coach

I'm Paula and it's my heart to help you succeed in your boutique and in your life.

There’s nothing quite like being able to look around at your life and say “Wow, this is what I used to dream of having.”

I believe that is so very possible and even likely for you. Because I’ve created that in my own life and proven to myself that…
If you have the right tools and you are around the right people, then you also have every hope to create the best possible version of your own future.

As seen in

what to expect when you work with me


Experience Only Coaching

It is my conviction to coach only what I have practiced and seen work in my own store. This is how I know what works and what does not. So you can have confidence I’m leading you where you need to go.


Total Honesty

I’ll tell you what the other coaches won’t. I don’t hide anything or over glamorize stuff. That way you can learn from my failures as well as my successes. You deserve the real story so you know what it takes to really walk this out.


Full Access

Sometimes you need to go straight to the source. If you could just get the answer from someone who has already been where you are, wouldn’t that be perfect? It would save you incredible time and effort. And that is what is so valuable about this type of coaching.

Paula is 100% genuine. Every time I talk to her, I feel so inspired!

Choose what suits you best.

one hour session

$ 247 one-time payment
  • fast answers
  • to the point coaching
  • flexible booking
  • completely custom, specific to your needs

three (one hour) sessions

$ 687 one-time payment
  • longer term support
  • in depth problem solving
  • flexible booking
  • completely custom, specific to your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase a session or three session package, you will be contacted through e-mail with booking options. Coaching is done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9am-4pm Central Time.

If you would like to be coached by a veteran boutique owner who has fully launched, grown and sustained multiple profitable boutiques, this is what it costs.

I have been personally mentored and coached by multi millionaire Sandi Krakowski who always says I should be charging more.

I love seeing boutique owners succeed and my heart is toward the girl who wants the best possible version of her future because I know what it costs to build that. I’d love to partner with you out of my very real experience and not just some theory. So YOU decide if it’s worth it!

Yes, I will. I have walked through every type selling strategy and experienced all the issues and problems unique to boutique owners. I am well acquainted with the quick fixes as well as the long term heart issues that must be faced.

I will not promise that you will love my answers that I give because I tell it like it is, with love, of course.

But I guarantee I’ve already been where you are right now. If I have not experienced what you are currently dealing with, then I will recommend you to find another coach. It is my conviction to ONLY speak out of what I have actually experienced and personally overcome.

Hire me if…..
–> You can’t find the answer to your question on the internet.
–> You need direct access to someone who understands and has done what you are trying to do.
–> You are stuck and need encouragement or another experienced perspective.

Take the class if…

–> you need selling solutions that work for pretty much all boutique owners.
–> you like to be independent and move at your own pace.
–> The description on the sales page sounds like you.

Here is a link to The Boutique Owner’s Guide to Selling ALL the Things is coaching is out of budget or if you’d like to go through this awesome guide first.


Reach out to me!