Paula Thiel


The Boutique Owner's Guide to Selling ALL the Things!

You can sell ALL the things with or without social media, by doing what you love every single day.

You want a WILDLY Successful Boutique?

You know the one you saw in your dreams? Where sales are absolutely flying in and you always have a store full of customers.

You walk into your boutique every morning smiling because even though it’s work, it’s so fulfilling knowing that you actually walked out your dream.

BUT……. RIGHT NOW you are tired. You’re struggling to find time to do all the daily tasks and sales are just not quite what they need to be.

Somedays you’re just sitting there steaming clothes frustrated thinking….. “Where are my customers????? What do I need to do to get more sales???”

It’s soooo frustrating when you can’t seem to sell enough, isn’t it???

It’s annoying, distracting,  discouraging and…… makes you question your very existence!

If you’re honest lol…..You’ve cried over it and taken it waaaay too personally. It’s this mind loop of….
Am I doing something wrong?  Do I need to get different stuff to sell? Why aren’t people buying? Is it me? Do they just not like me?  
Maybe if I create better displays, lower my prices and get more inventory then I could sell more stuff.  Maybe my location isn’t good enough? Why do I suck at advertising??
And OH…. BTW….
Why the heck is this one boutique that I follow on Instagram absolutely blowing up while I am sitting here worried about making enough sales on Saturday just to stay open??

I know it’s so painful and discouraging but GUESS WHAT??

You can.....

Here’s where you think I’m gonna tell you how to sell online, cause that’s what every marketer ever is showing you how to do.

But I bet you already tried that and it’s not going exactly how you thought it would. Maybe you think it needs more time or you need more stuff to sell on your site. More social media posts, better photos, etc etc etc. Just stop. Please stop.

You don’t need ANY of that to get yourself beautiful selling results! Let’s go over what else you don’t need real quick.

You don’t need to be good at social selling or online sales.

I know the internet is glittery with promises of all of your dreams coming true by opening an online boutique but girl you wanna the truth? All of the six and seven figure earners that I personally know make 100% of that money offline. I know that’s shocking cause no one talks about it but that’s the God honest truth today, in 2022.

There’s not a lot you need to change.

Making small adjustments is ALWAYS how change takes hold and how you are going to blow up your business. I won’t promise you the world (cause that’s sketchy) but I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I did to take my boutique from struggling into wild success in a tiny town of 500 people.

We don’t hustle here.

Doing the right things instead of ALL the things is where success is at. I'm so sorry the internet has lied to you and me about this strange drive to do as much as possible as fast as possible.

You can have a WILDLY successful store.

The fact that you even found the courage to open a boutique and pursue growth is proof!! Not everyone has the guts to believe in a dream let alone walk it out. So good on you for opening that store. That’s already most of the battle won.

Hey, I’m Paula.
I launched and grew a beautiful boutique to unbelievable success in a town of 500 people.

In those 10 years, nothing hit me quite as hard as this…….

People would come up to me everywhere…. in my store, after shows, outside the post office, in my inbox and tell me through tears how they always wanted their own business but they never opened.  I heard all variations of that story.  It bothered me.  A lot.

And it made me want to tell you and every boutique owner ever……

It matters if you follow through on what you want in your life, even when it feels really hard.

I can give you every strategy you need to move that needle.  But also know that you need encouragement.

You’re in the hard part of your business right now.  AND….. You need someone to walk with you.

I want to walk with you cause it’s waaaay better when you can lean on someone you trust, who believes in you and who understands what you’re trying to do.


Alright here’s what we’re gonna do.

Yes, You might have something standing against you. And I know there are lots of things you have tried that just haven’t worked.  But something magical happens when you get in the right culture, surrounded by the right people.  It’s like you can see more clearly, like a hope returns to you that YES I CAN do this thing.  Maybe you just need some guidance.  So let me show you exactly what I did to quickly create success against all odds, even while I still felt all the self doubt.  Alright??  Here’s what you’ll learn….

Your life before me and my course that you’re totally gonna take:

Your life after my course:

I wanna give you more specifics though so you can decide if this is really for you.  Also you should know that I can’t really help lazy people who don’t implement what I teach.  This isn’t magic, this is real life struggles we are working on that don’t go away without work and consistency.  And we will be repeating some things you’ve already tried, but this time, we are going to do them better and in a way that will finally yield the results you’re after. 

What You'll Learn


Setting your heart and mind to get EXACTLY what you want.

You wanna see more sales come in obviously! So let’s get your heart and mind set on how you’re gonna make that happen.


EVERY Customer Matters. Soooo MUCH.

The customers you already have are all you really need to see a big increase.  


Attract more customers without any paid advertising.

Everything you need to know about the ways to grow without even touching social media or taking out any ads. Learn how to create the most powerful form of advertising (recommendations and organic word of mouth) that spreads like wildfire.  


Small, Quick Changes to See Dramatic Increase.

In house changes you can QUICKLY make to increase sales before attracting a single new customer. 

And..... The Bonus Offers

Full Marketing without Ads Plan

What it really takes to successfully market your store events and products, even when you have absolutely no social followers.

Two Check Ins

Two scheduled one on one check ins with Paula so you can get any and all of your questions answered. No question is off limits here.

What to do if you get stuck.

It's probably going to happen so don't feel bad! I'll walk you through EXACTLY what to do so you can keep moving forward. Plus total honesty about where and how long I got stuck.

8 weeks, 27 video lessons, plus Q and A's

This course has been designed to walk you through a proven eight week process to see the dramatic changes you are wanting to see. Delivered in short, to the point videos so you can apply what you’ve learned before you move on


One time payment of



4 x monthly payments of


Satisfaction Guarantee

I believe that this program is exactly what you need to learn how to sell more stuff face to face.

If you absolutely hate me after this 8 weeks is done cause I did not deliver you all the info I used to make more sales in the way I said I would, then you can have your money back. I standby this info as being exactly what I did to drive success into my store against the odds.

So bam, take your chances and learn from someone who built their dream boutique or don’t. It’s totally up to you. Love, Paula

One more thing you should know before you go.....

You are not far away from where you want to be.

And whether or not you buy this program, promise me you will remember that you absolutely CAN become that girl with the wildly successful boutique. Cause that’s why you started your business…. You had a dream to deliver fashion in a beautiful atmosphere that people really enjoyed coming to. 

I had the same dream as you.  Even though I doubted myself for way too long, against every odd, I built my beautiful boutique.  And I’m so proud that I didn’t give up even though there were a thousand times that I could have.  And maybe even to someone else it looks like I should have given up.  But I didn’t.  

Now….. Let’s work on your dream together.   




Have a Question?

This is a specialty course for clothing boutique owners. The information given would be VERY helpful and relevant for anyone with a pretty store though. Just know going in that discussed vendors and some selling methods are for clothing stores specifically.

YES!! Learn these things ASAP! They will help you soooo much, save you tons of time, and solve problems before you even have them. I wish I would have known these things at the beginning.

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A little bit, but this course is mostly on how to sell all the things when you have no audience on social media. We go over how to sell more face to face without taking out ads or creating posts. So if social media is not your favorite way to sell or you’ve tried it and it’s just not working how you imagined, this is a better, more enjoyable way for you to sell.

People who own a retail boutique with a permanent or mobile physical location who want to increase their sales and drive traffic to their store without relying on social media advertising.  
People who want to truly create the boutique of their dreams and who love their customers and want to serve them really well while also creating the life of their dreams.  

People who want to grow their boutiques online or through social media channels.  We are focused on selling face to face and spreading the word like a fire storm through word of mouth, the most powerful form of advertising.  We discuss how to start this fire and keep it moving so that your customers become more like brand ambassadors and make the recommendations for you cause they just won’t stop talking about you.  
PS this is also NOT for people who are expecting some magic formula.  Or if you’re lazy lol. 

I know you're ready to grow so let's go!


One time payment of



4 x monthly payments of