Hey Girl!
I am sooooo glad you're here.

I know there's a screen between us!
But I'd still love to be friends.
Cause I bet you're an awesome person, aren't you?

I bet you can do really hard things
but sometimes you need to be reminded of how fierce you really are.
and you want to have the most fulfilling relationships,
but you need to be encouraged to push into connection.
AND you wanna be the best version of yourself,
but somedays you get side swiped by REAL LIFE
and need a good laugh (or cry)
with another human who also fails
but knows how to get the heck back up!!!

I want all those things too and I'd love to walk with you through life.

Let's be friends!
I'd love that.
Love, Paula
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I'm Paula Thiel and I teach business owners how to use social media to grow into greatness. That's my specialty but I also LOVE to boldly inspire women (including you!) to live their best lives and fulfill their greatest potential every day. I've used social media to expand my business from a local brick and mortar clothing boutique in a town of 500 people to a nation wide platform.
And that has given me the guts to say......
I believe every person is meant for more so I share my life every day, hoping it gives you the courage to chase your dreams too.