Wanna know the REAL story???

This is a real story and I won't over-glamorize it. It's about what it really took me to build my businesses. It's not pretty, it's not easy but it's the most satisfying thing I've ever done. And I want you to know the ins and outs and not just the highlights and the glamour. So here's to you and the success of your business!

Love, Paula

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I'm Paula Thiel and I teach business owners how to use social media to grow into greatness. That's my specialty but I also LOVE to boldly inspire women (including you!) to live their best lives and fulfill their greatest potential every day. I've used social media to expand my business from a local brick and mortar clothing boutique in a town of 500 people to a nation wide platform.
And that has given me the guts to say......
I believe every person is meant for more so I share my life every day, hoping it gives you the courage to chase your dreams too.