Step ONE toward the life you want


I wanna call out your potential today.  The life you were designed and created to have.  Not many people get there but I wanna have a hand in changing that.  You weren’t meant to struggle through daily life. You are designed to inhabit a peaceful, prosperous, enjoyable life that you really really love.  That’s what you were meant for and you can feel that.  We all feel that tug or that call to greatness.  We see glimpses of the reality that we could have if we position ourselves in such a way to receive that.  And we wrestle with it back-and-forth. 

Is it worth the effort?

Is it worth the sacrifice? 

Is it worth me allowing myself to dream?

And it’s in that wrestling that we choose to settle for less than what we were created to have.  That’s when we let our imaginations go bye-bye.  That’s when we tell ourselves that it’s just a fantasy to have a life free of anxiety that we really really love.  That’s the lie that we comfort ourselves with. 

But we never really believe that’s true.  Because when we see another person who has the life that we want or who is walking out the call that’s very similar to ours we feel these things on the inside that we don’t want to feel. 

Things like jealousy, envy or maybe it hasn’t progressed to jealousy yet.  Maybe it’s more at the point of admiration.  And that’s your cue “Oh, that’s what I want MY LIFE to look like and I can get there.”  But sometimes that dream has been ignored for so long let’s say it’s sleeping.  It’s not recognized.

But we are designed by God to carry ourselves in such a way that we are able to recognize our own potential and then we also have an innate design to carry that out in tangible steps until we create a reality from that potential that we imagined.  

And it’s my favorite thing in the whole entire world when I look at somebody and I see oh God you have this massive potential and you don’t even recognize it.  And I tell them that.  I don’t keep those thoughts to myself very often unless I feel like it would be damaging in some way.  Because I believe that it’s so important to see what is possible for your future.  

Let yourself imagine what that would look like.  Is it going to be easy to get there..... no. But can you get there? Yes you can.  How do you do that though?

How you manifest a better reality is by first recognizing that you have the capability to do so and accepting the responsibility that oh I actually can partner with the thing that I feel led toward.  I can offer it faith.  I can match it, I can meet it by working on my skill set to get there.  

I can also admit that I don’t have control over everything in my life but I have control over much much more than is popularly believed.  

I am in control of what I think about. 

I am in control of how I feel.

I am in control of what I say 

therefore I am in control of how I act 

I am in control of the choices that I make.

the way that I respond to other people 

the atmosphere that I create in my home 

how I will allow other people to treat me 

how I won’t allow other people to treat me, 

what I will do with my precious time  

What I won’t do with my precious time 

who I spend time with 

who I refuse to spend time with 

and I did not always know that that was true.  

I had to learn how to do every single one of those things and I’ve proven to myself over the last decade that all of those things are true after pulling myself out of a very dark place.  I don’t struggle with depression like I used to. I don’t struggle with anxiety like I used to. I’m not sick all the time like I used to be. Therefore I am very well fitted for bigger responsibilities, greater projects, harder jobs.  

When you start going after the thing you are being led toward, you find out very very quickly where your weaknesses are.  And you have to face them.  You must face them or they will always stop you from getting to the life you really really want.  

Please recognize today that you can have the life you want, AND you can get down to the very core of who you are and call out the greatness you were meant to walk in.  Every person has that potential and you’re not disqualified from that by your age, your past mistakes or your pre-dispositions.  You can question and re-work all of that.  Trust me, I’m living proof.  

Love, Paula