Sometimes I really do not want to live where I live, BUT THEN.....

Sometimes I really do not want to live where I live. It’s freakin brutal here. Like totally brutal for at least 6 months every year, if not more. I see ppl on social media living it up in Dallas or Los Angeles, or even Kansas City or Nashville and their weather is pretty much always perfect…..

 know I know, there are downfalls to living in those warmer climates like hurricanes and earthquakes and rattlesnakes, so many other people, it’s expensive and on and on. But no matter how many pros and cons you line up on a piece of paper in favor of living somewhere warm vs somewhere cold, the warm places will win out with a list a mile long compared to the cold places. Every single time you do a pro and con list.


So why in the heck do so many people live in the Midwest and never anywhere else?? Why isn’t this place completely void of people? Do NOT tell me it’s cause 3 months of Summer here is worth it. Don’t do it, cause that’s not the reason!!!!!


There’s something else that you absolutely cannot quantify. Like they trump everything else to the point that the pros just don’t matter at all. You already know what they are. They are the reasons we put up with garbage where we live, where we work, where we shop, where we want to go, just every thing about life that’s hard is made up for with this and this alone.


I used to think about leaving Minnesota. I use to want to leave here, planning my escape each year. But in all of my 36 years of life, I have not once lived in another state. NOT once! So why would I still dream about leaving here, always having that thought in the back of my mind? There’s no point because this place is a part of me. I stay because of my family and friends, of course, but also I love the geographic location where I have built my life and made all my memories. And that’s the part I just don’t understand.


This place would not be the same without me and my life would not be the same without this place.


What happened in Ottertail, Minnesota is actually a type of miracle. 15 or more years ago, my friends and I all decided to buy houses here. We didn’t discuss it really, it just happened. We still live here, work here, raise our kids together. We are serving God together and loving each other the best we can. We see each other every week. People visit here and they literally all say “You have no idea how good you have it.” And I am sorry I have ever taken it for granted.


So now I don’t let my mind wander to different climates anymore either. There’s no point. I didn’t draw up my pros and cons list. And I probably never will. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s the truth.

I have a tie here that can never never be severed. I could move away, make new friends and move on with my life because there are thousands of other places with better weather. But why? Why would I do that? This is one area I would never chance it on, because these people are made of gold. Some of them are closer than others, but all of them are precious to me and worth every second of a thousand winters. And I find it hard to believe that I could ever replace what I have here.


There is a scripture in the word of God where most of Jesus’ disciples leave him and he looks at the remnant and says “And you—do you also want to leave?” And they all just kinda look around and Peter says to Jesus “Where would we go?”


There’s something to be said of not giving yourself an escape route or exit plan. There’s something beautiful about getting to the edge of the cliff and just jumping into the water.


I’ve lived that way my whole life. I just jump and never look back….. yeah I’ve gotten into troubled water sometimes but dang it, I knew that before I jumped. I couldn’t predict the future so I just jumped and hoped for the best.

If I were standing on the edge with you right now, I would be the first to jump and I wouldn’t turn to see if you jumped too. Cause I know you would. Adventure is better than comfort and so is friendship. That’s it.