Raise your prices. Now.


I know you’ve struggled with money and felt afraid to raise your prices, like you might lose clients or feel guilty like people would think you were being greedy. I see you and I’m writing this for you.  Cause I’ve been there and still sometimes go there!  

I’m dedicating this to you and everyone who is working way too hard for the dollar or does not understand their true worth.  It’s time for you to get paid what you are worth.  I’m not saying this in an entitled sort of way, but in a way where I mean… you need to take a look at what you are doing and make some adjustments according to your true value. 

Biggest thing I wanna kill right now before I move forward anymore….. If your clients complain from the raising of prices, BUH BYE…. it’s time to get better clients.  And if that sets you into OMG mode, then baby this article is FOR SURE for you!!!!

It’s time for you to raise your prices. Most people that I help do not charge enough. It is infuriating and I actually have lost sleep over it cause it makes me so crazy that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is raise your prices.  And the freedom that you would feel, the satisfaction, the provision that would immediately enter your life!  But you’re scared.  Mostly, you’re scared to do it.  Like I was when I realized I needed to do that too.  It took me a full year to get enough guts to do it….. And after I did it, I was like “oh, this is my most profitable year ever!!”  But….. The thoughts that ran through my head are THE EXACT same thoughts that I have heard repeated over and over again in other clients, so I know what you are thinking…....  

What are you scared of??  Let me guess…. That everyone is going to leave?  Good, maybe some of your clients do need to hit the road.  Let’s just imagine for a second that 25% of your clients didn’t re-enroll.  If you raise your prices to where they should be, then even if those people walk away, which most likely, they will not….. (I’m speaking this from experience, not in theory) you will still be making the same money because you raised your prices!  There, I disarmed that fear… onto the next thing!

And now you’d have time to build your online course, your page or your email list.  And you are doing  less work, but making more money!  C’mon and love yourself enough to charge what you're worth!! Are you worthy of making more money?  Yeah, you are but this is the other struggle that I have had…. “Am I really worth that much?  That’s a lot of money, I could probably do it for less.”  But the thing is, when you charge the right amount, it actually serves others really really well because not only do they take you more seriously, they actually learn how to value themselves more by you insisting that you be paid what you are worth.  

Ok but how do I know what to charge???  That’s easy.  

Simple way to find out how much to charge is looking at what 10-15 of your competitors charge and then landing in the middle. 

BUT sometimes you will still need to go higher so that it is worth your time.  So here you offer more or out serve so you can charge more.  

Watch more on that here.  https://www.facebook.com/107501854014259/posts/361198978644544/

Look, I know this is hard to do, but girl you need to do this.  You are important. What you offer is extremely valuable.  Know this, get confident in this, seek some business mentoring if you need the extra support.  But do the thing.  Raise em!!