My Garbage man is the best person ever....

My Garbage man is the best person ever!!

My garbage man is the best person ever.  Not only does he remove everything disgusting from my life, but he makes me smile and is influencing me to be a better person.  EVERY SINGLE TIME he stops to get MY trash, he looks for us, smiles and waves AND gets the garbage outta my life.  Even if I forgot to pull it to the end of the driveway. 

His job is stinky, dirty, hard and quite possibly not his dream career.  But there he is, loyal to the end.  In the middle of winter on the stormiest, windiest, blizzardy-est day, he’s still smiling and waving and barreling through the piles of snow.  He picked up the trash on Christmas Eve and he was smiling then too. 


Last month I noticed there is a shovel they keep attached to the side of the truck in case trash goes flying where it shouldn’t…. um reality check!!! 


And there are a bunch of these garbage truck drivers and they are  all smiles, every day.  So yeah, my theory is that this garbage removal company is sooooo legit that they only pick the most joyful people to do the very very very important job of getting rid of everything everyone hates.


You think your job is boring or dumb or not meaningful?  It means a great deal to someone and if we can realize that, suddenly even dumb stuff would become extremely important. 


I’m not saying the trash guy’s job is dumb.  It’s not.  It’s freaking awesome cause if he didn’t come get my trash every Thursday in the blazing Summer heat, I’d have a big problem.  So 1. I better be thankful for that.  And 2.  What we do every day is important.  Really really important. 


Also, I never knew how inspired I could be by the trash pickup guy.  I’m not even joking.  I am 100% seriously grateful for this man.  This job isn’t glamorous but he is affecting my life and I have never even met the guy.  But his positive attitude is affecting my life in a very real way.   I’m telling you, genuine positivity is a powerful force and you’ll never know just how far reaching it is.  This type of thing influences the most unlikely scenarios.


How many of us would be feeling sorry for ourselves or complaining cause we are not instead exactly where we want to be instead of driving around a garbage truck? 


And here I am, getting upset if the temp of my latte isn’t perfect.  I know that’s normal culturally but that’s honestly RIDICULOUS.  I’m calling it what it is.  It’s dumb and selfish and very short sited. 


So push forward and be positive.  You don’t know who it’s affecting and how large the ripple effects will be of your influence.  That is the other thing… no matter who you are or what you do for a living…. you have influence with people.  With that influence comes great great responsibility.  Our lives will influence others for better or worse whether we like that pressure or not, it’s not going away. 


My garbage guy could make my life better or make it worse.  He is choosing to make my life better.  And he’s doing the best damn job of it that he can.  And I’m thankful so I’m telling everybody to learn from this guy how to be awesome at life. 


And also…. remember, the only time it’s ok to pick up other people’s garbage is when you are an actual garbage truck driver. 


Thank you garbage man for being awesome and teaching me several HUGE life lessons.