Losing everything was the best thing that’s ever happened to me

ANNOUNCEMENT: please read first… 

Never have I ever shared on my site anything sent to my private list.  Until now.  If you’re on my list, you saw this a week ago, if you’re not, then let’s be friends. 


After losing literally everything……… 

All my stuff is back (well just the things that didn’t go into one of 20 dumpsters). Most of it is still in boxes. Most of it I didn’t want back.  


After living with only three outfits for four months, my clothes don’t bring the same inexplicable joy they used to.  Don’t get sad, just follow me for a second. Because I felt wildly free when I had absolutely nothing. 


A couple months after the fire, our insurance sent me a check to replace thousands and thousands of things from hair extensions and a Louis Vuitton neverfull mm to plastic forks leftover from my son's one year birthday.  I’ve maybe purchased 5% of what I had and I don’t even care.


I didn’t understand this til now but my stuff was distracting me, stealing my focus, taking too much precious time to manage and thoroughly exhausting me. I’m talking like I had a house packed full of items I’d hoarded. But I didn’t actually have very much.  In fact there’s nothing that I loved more than throwing something in the garbage.  But it still just felt like it was too much.  


I'm sure you can see here that the real issue was deeper than the distraction of the stuff but I don’t know why it’s so hard to notice ourselves until something really crazy happens or we just simply look back and it’s really clear. That’s the trouble, you know what I mean?  


So I just wanted to share what I learned:  I know we attach so much emotion to dresses we’ve worn to our weddings or the necklaces that were grandma’s or the blanket you wrapped up your first born in.  And the pictures I lost are precious, the home videos meant everything!  But if you ever lose them and at some point, you will, you’re going to totally be OK…... I promise you.  You’ll actually remember better without the thing.  And You’ll find your heart again. 


If you write to me and tell me that I inspired you to get rid of half of everything you own or at least start with half of what’s in your closet my job here is done.  The freedom you’ll feel WILL be worth the price I paid to learn this lesson.  





PS, if you know someone who needs to hear this, send this article to them now.  Also, I’d love to be friends.