I wanna get behind what you are doing, and shout "Girl, you got this!

The heart behind what I do is so simple.  I just wanna help you look your best. But here’s why.  

There is a depth to you that can’t be seen at a glance. You’ve got your dreams, where you are going in your life, your job, your family.  You already know the world needs you to show up.  No one else can show up for you.  

Hang on, let me say this instead:  You are showing up every single day and bringing your best for everyone that you can.  You’ve determined in your heart to do all things to get to your goals.   And you’re not stopping til you get there.  

Me helping you look your best is my way of getting behind you and saying “Girl, you got this!”  

Getting you the right outfits is me getting to help create a ripple effect of positive changes that you would be like “I had no idea that when I chose to look my best, how many other areas of my life would be affected.” 

That’s it.  That’s why I do this, because, call it cheesy but I sincerely want to be there for you when you are chasing after your best life.  Cause that can be hard!!  Like really hard.  

You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, put on your makeup, get dressed, wake up the kids, go to work.  Every day you do this.  What if when you got dressed in the morning, there was extra joy and confidence that sparked in your heart cause you thought to yourself “Wow I look great today.”  What other changes would that cause in your life??  

That’s what I want for you.  That’s my heart.  

With so much love,