Don’t let the randomness of life distract you from WHAT REALLY MATTERS

Casady made me an omelette for breakfast out of the blue cause he knew I was getting sick of all the fried eggs. He could have made me a fried egg for the millionth time or left for work without making me anything at all.  And that would have been fine…..


I love him to death no matter what. But he chose to take time out of his busy schedule to make me a nice breakfast. Just because. It just got me thinking.... the little things we do for other make all the difference in a relationship.  This is true in every relationship you have with your kids, your spouse, your co-workers.  It’s just love showing itself and you showing up for your people.  

To all my married ladies.... do something sweet for your dude today.  I know you’ve probably been married for 10-15 years or maybe 25 or 30 years and sorta settled into a routine.  But is that what you want??  I think we let too much stuff distract us from the person we fell in love with. 

Trips once a year or big expensive dates won’t keep the spark alive in love. They help, but making coffee for your husband or making sure he’s got clean socks or a nice note can be the difference between joy and depression.  You think “how can this dumb thing even make a difference after years???” but I’m telling you, have faith in your partner that if you invest seeds of love, it will yield a big a$$ harvest.  


I’ve seen it in real life, not just in theory!  I’ll tell that story sometime but not today.  You are awesome, and you reaching for love is the most important thing you’ll ever ever do.