3 of my most HIGHLY GUARDED SECRETS to increase your income over the next 30 days

These are some of my closely guarded secrets on how I made money in all of my businesses. This isn’t theory, these are very real things I did and still do and teach others to do.  But they don’t sound like secrets cause they’re easy and fast to implement.  SUPER fast…… I don’t want you to get tips on something that’s gonna take you a year to build.  I want you to have clarity on what you can do right the heck NOW to make more money.  

Let me clear the air real quick before I tell you the tips.  Making more money isn’t hard.  If you believe that making money is difficult I’m sorry but that’s not true. That’s a mindset issue or a belief issue that you gotta deal with. Good news though…. How you deal with that mindset issue is by doing the things I share here.  Because implementing the things that I’m about to reveal are going to help you conquer that misguided belief that it’s hard to make money.  AND your bank account is going to grow!  

P.S. anyone can do this.  Even if you don’t have a business.  You can do ALL of these things.  AND you can do them if you have a business.  Either way, you can do them.  So don’t be thinking in your head that you can’t do them.  

OK so here’s my biggest secret to quickly creating or increasing wealth. I thought about keeping my biggest secret at least until the end of the article but not today.  Today, I’m sharing it all.  I think it’s valuable to break things down into ONE THING.  If you want to know ONE THING that will change everything for you this is 100% it.

  1.  Ask yourself:  What can you offer your existing clients or people that you already know?  Like right now, not later, what can you do that you already know how to do?  

For example:  

Cleaning services - What if you offered design services or rearranged your clients furniture so that their rooms look bigger.  Or offer cleaning products that you can mark up, or even doing laundry for an additional fee?

Personal Trainers or Coaches- Affiliate codes for vitamins, specialized workouts outside of the gym for extra $$$, subscriptions to your site with workouts based on their goals.

Clothing Boutique - Group style classes, wardrobe consultations, events that are fun and get people to your store, style sessions, an information product of “how to tie a scarf and not look like a grandma.”  No offense, Grandma. 

You don’t have a business though? No problem. 

Apply this same principle to people that you know.  So your friends or family or whoever, 

Ask your friends if you can clean their house or babysit their kids or do their makeup or teach them how to get their baby to sleep, make some jewelry with them, organize their kitchen. Do their laundry.  

Or one of my personal favorites:

Sell weird things you find at the thrift store on FB marketplace. OR how about this:  I bet you have all kinds of randomness around your house that you could sell.  People buy used markers and pens.  And half empty bottles of body spray from Victoria’s Secret.  Or bras that you hate that are itchy.  Guys, it’s real.  I have either purchased or sold ALL of those things.  

2.  Raise your prices. Most people that I help do not charge enough. It is infuriating and I actually have lost sleep over it cause it makes me so crazy that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is raise your prices.  What are you scared of??  That everyone is going to leave?  Good, maybe some of your clients do need to hit the road.  And you’d still be making the same amount of money with less clients.  Less work, more money!!  C’mon and love yourself enough to charge what your worth.  Simple way to find out how much to charge is looking at what your competitors charge and then landing in the middle. BUT sometimes you will still need to go higher so you offer more or out serve so you can charge more. 

3.  What do you have RIGHT NOW that you can work with? In other words (fancy words) leverage your resources.  I have more than one time sold my clothes in my closet, my jewelry, my home decor. Another way to look at this is people. Who do you know that will tell all of their friends about you? Can you offer them a free consult in exchange for them telling their friends about you? So you can get more clients? I have approached business owners who have more customers than me or that have been around longer.  What skill do you have that might seem dumb to you but other people are constantly asking you to help them with?  I don’t know if that sentence really made sense, so I am gonna say it a different way now.  What are you good at?  What are you the go to girl for?  Makeup?  Hair?  Skin care?  Organization?  Life advice?  I’m just gonna let that one sit with you.  Cause the thing you’re already sought out for is your million dollar idea.  I guarantee you!  Pursue it as a business.  Now.  It will change your life forever.  And if you need help with the details, I wanna be your girl.  Write to me and let’s book a session.  I’m ready.  paulakthiel@gmail.com  One hour sessions are $197.  And it’s what you need to get to the place you wanna go.