• Even your bad experiences set you up for wild success

    Even our negative experiences, God will use for our good. He doesn't waste anything. Any level of breakthrough you want to see in your life will require you to face some level of discomfort, but the rewards of facing that discomfort and pushing through it are far worth it!

  • Step ONE toward the life you want

    I wanna call out your potential today.  The life you were designed and created to have.  Not many people get there but I wanna have a hand in changing that. 
  • How I started all of my businesses with little to no money and no debt ever

    This is a real story and I won't over-glamorize it.  It's about what it really took me to build my businesses.  It's not pretty, it's not easy but it's the most satisfying thing I've ever done.  And I want you to know the ins and outs and not just the highlights and the glamour.  So here's to you and the success of your business!  Love, Paula 

  • Whatever your goal is.... here’s how to not sabotage it

    I want to get really real with you about what it is going to take to achieve your goals. Let's not let fear stop us from reaching our potential. Please hear my story. You'll realize that you are stronger than you think you are, and some of the giants that we need to face in order to reach our goals are not as big as we think they are.
  • My super real truth telling on how running a home business is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done.

    Seeing my vision through to reality is for sure so rewarding and worth every bit of discomfort I have endured. But make no mistake.... the picture the influencers paint of pretty lifestyles and perfect everything isn’t real. So let me just tell you the actual truth about what it takes to start and run a company from your kitchen table.
  • 3 of my most HIGHLY GUARDED SECRETS to increase your income over the next 30 days

    These are some of my closely guarded secrets on how I made money in all of my businesses. This isn’t theory, these are very real things I did and still do and teach others to do.  But they don’t sound like secrets cause they’re easy and fast to implement.  I want you to have clarity on what you can do right the heck NOW to make more money.  
  • Raise your prices. Now.

    I’m dedicating this to you and everyone who is working way too hard for the dollar or does not understand their true worth.  It’s time for you to get paid what you are worth. 
  • Distraction, self sabotage and other mind games we play when we are on our way to the most awesome place ever.

    Fear still wants a hold in me.  But it’s losing its power. The ONLY thing that conquers fear is doing the thing you want to do, but doing it afraid.  I have judged situations and opportunities in my life by how much fear they give me.  Then I don’t take the opportunities that give me the most fear.  But I’ve recently learned that’s called self sabotageWHAT the heck is that?
  • Losing everything was the best thing that’s ever happened to me

    After losing literally everything……… All my stuff is back (well just the things that didn’t go into one of 20 dumpsters). Most of it is still in boxes. Most of it I didn’t want back.  I just want to share what I learned...
  • Your DREAM JOB doesn’t exist.

    There’s a certain delusion that we believe (notice that I have believed it too) when it comes to creating a life that you love.  
  • The real reason why you aren’t getting your to do list done (and what to do about it.)

    Brutal honesty coming at you from a mom of two young children trying to build a business and live her best life without going crazy and expecting too much of herself… read on my brave sissssters if you too are overwhelmed with daily life and trying to figure out what the heck you are doing with your life!  Maybe we could figure this out together, right??
  • What's really holding you back from your goals?

    It's so simple to reach a goal..... not easy, but it is remarkably simple so why don't we get there sooner?  We get sidetracked, distracted, lost in the woods, just all the things.  BUT I believe you can have breakthrough to finally achieve your goal...